Process and technique

These are my interpretations of the terms used to describe methods used in printmaking


A process where ink is forced into an incised  line, and then printed using a press.


Marks are cut out of a block and ink is rolled onto the remaining surface, and then printed by hand or on a rolling press.


A printmaking technique where an image is scratched onto a plate with a sharp metal point. Ink is then pushed into the line then the surface of the plate wiped clean with scrim.


A technique that allows you to add colour to your print, by printing with collage,it also allow you to move an image within a plate. It basically means you are not constricted by the image on a worked plate.


I regard it as the first print off the print block, so I can see how the plate is printing and if alterations to the image are needed, before I start the edition.So I might see a glaring gap on the first print and I will then fill it in by redrawing on the plate and then that will become the start of  my edition.