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The Stork And The Blackbirds.........original artwork


  • Image of The Stork And The Blackbirds.........original artwork

A cutout done after looking at some of my Pinterest pages .
I loved Pinterest five years back ,but so many algorithms kept being introduced such as the avalanche of suggestions of horrible things “if you liked this you’ll love this!!", it eventually lost all the fun, so I stepped away from it and now I just use it as my visual scrapbook
My cutouts are collaged out of old bill heads, invoices and ration tickets.
The cutouts have been stuck onto a dark grey square, which has been printed onto 300 gsm white card.
There is dotty white relief line on the edges.
The paper size is 16cm x 16cm.
The image size is 12 cm x 12 cm
There is a 2cm border all round.
It’s a collage so paper stuck onto paper, so the images are not totally flat, the card is!!
Tracked postage and packing is included in the price. it will be sent in small square folder made by me!